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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Real Estate Staging?

Staging is a marketing and merchendising tool that prepares your property for sale. Then a buyer is able to emotionally connect to the space allowing them to envision themselves living there. Without proper staging only 1 in 10 individuals is able to envision future decor potentials.



Why is staging important?

The majority of today's buyers want a move in ready home. Millennials, in particular, are not interested in fixer uppers. Nor do they wish to live in a home that reminds them of their grandparent's and/or parent's houses. Staging a property shows it in its best possible light and highlights a home's best features. This results in better photos on multi list sites which helps put your house at the top of buyer's "must see" lists.



Isn't cleaning and decluttering enough?

Only approximately 10% of the population are able to visualize a room without the dated wallpaper, lace curtains, or deep purple bedroom. Cleaning and decluttering are important. Staging highlights a home's features.



How much does staging cost?

The cost of staging is based on the need and condition of the property. Our staging consultations start at only $195.00.



Do I need to furnish an empty house, even if it is freshly painted, updated, and cleaned?

Empty spaces seem smaller to buyers and many will have difficulty envisioning how they would place their furniture. A great staging leaves a buyer with ideas for furniture placement. Remember, only about 10% of buyers are able to visualize the potential of a space. Which means without staging you eliminate 90% of potential buyers.